Michael Orban - speaker on PTSD

Michael Orban is a nationally recognized speaker on healing from the experiences of war. As a Vietnam combat veteran, he gained his insights the hard way: through his own personal experience. His moving story of courage and healing has inspired countless others. Let Michael inspire your group by engaging him as your next keynote speaker.

Finding Yourself After War


PTSD is a psychiatric term used by mental healthcare professionals. The term is highly stigmatizing. We must look past the term and unleash the power within us to overcome the traumatic experiences of war. The choice is simple, take control of the PTSD and courageously look for answers to resolve or accept the experiences of war. Don’t spend decades in suffering detached from love, joy, happiness and hope. You can take control of PTSD and I can show you how. 

Michael Orban - speaker on PTSD

Warrior Partnership at Medical College of Wisconsin

Connecting those in need with Health Professionals since 2010, the Warrior Partnership addresses the lack of programs available for returning warriors, particularly those who may be suffering from traumatic war experiences.

Souled Out: Conquering Combat PTSD

This is not a book about war, but a blueprint to a healthy life after war.

The VA rates me as a 100% permanently affected combat veteran of the Vietnam War. Mike’s book helped me understand the deep, complex multiple layers of PTSD, and the fact that I was not alone. Michael is a great teacher with deep insight as to why combat war veterans have PTSD and how they, their family members, friends and society can learn to cope and heal together. Mark Foreman

Co-Founder Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative, Combat Corpsman, Purple Heart, Vietnam

Souled Out by Michael Orban - speaker on PTSD

Incarcerated Veterans

Crisis Intervention Training

Michael has been training law enforcement for years on the special considerations they should take when dealing with veterans.

Michael Orban - speaker on PTSD

Visual Guide to Military PTSD, presentation #1

Many mental health professionals make PTSD very complex and complicated to understand.  The visual models presentation offers you an easy to understand path to transformation and transition after war or any traumatic event.  There will be no doubt nor confusion on how you can take control of PTSD and find that extraordinary power that lies in each of us.