Souled Out: Conquering Combat PTSD

A Memoir of War and Inner Peace

I don’t review books often, but “Souled Out” is an exception. It’s the story of Mike Orban, a vet who came home to Wisconsin from the Vietnam War and discovered he no longer fit in. For decades he tried to present a facade to the world and self-medicate with alcohol, but he finally faced his inner demons … and found peace.

Eric Newhouse

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the author "Alcohol: Cradle to Grave" and "Faces of Combat: PTSD and TBI."

“Souled Out: A Memoir of War and Inner Peace” is a vivid account of what it was like being an infantry soldier in the Vietnam War. The author bears his soul as he talks about his war experience and how it affected his life when he returned home. He talks about how the war makes the morals and spirituality that was the foundation of all his beliefs seem like a lie. His journey to restore his soul is a long one and takes him on several pilgrimages out of the country. As a fellow Vietnam “combat brother”, I found his story honest, powerful and uplifting. A must read for combat vets of any war.

Don Lonsway

Vietnam Combat Vet, First Air CAV Division, 1968-69

Mike’s book, Souled Out, has helped many veterans that I work with. In a recent program graduation ceremony one of my veterans chose to use several paragraphs from the book as his “words of wisdom” to the group on his final day in the PTSD Program.

Deb Pergande

Trauma Specialist, VA Medical Center, Tomah, WI

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