What others are saying about Michael Orban

From Education

I have been acquainted with Michael Orban since 2007. To put it bluntly, he helped me to survive my own PTSD. His continual commitment to helping people understand and heal from PTSD is without peer. Mike’s book has been successfully employed as a stand-alone university text and also as a text for discussion and personal reflection. I recommend Michael Orban to any group or individuals who seek a dynamic, well-informed speaker concerning PTSD in general and Combat PTSD in particular.

John D. Zemler, PhD.

Lecturer in Theology, Marquette University

Mike was efficient, flexible, esay to work with, professional, and committed to the purpose of sharing his experiences with teenagers so they learned first-hand about PTSD… I highly recommend Mike as a speaker, program developer, expert on veteran’s affairs and PTSD, or other role.

Wanda J. Routier, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Education, Concordia University

Mike is very articulate and offers great wisdom in a humble delivery. The evaluations were unanimous that his presentation was very effective. Mike has had to struggle to get to this place of wisdom. He is searingly honest but has grown beyond anger to understanding.

Michael Duffey

Associate Professor of Theology, Marquette University

Michael provided seminar attendees with a powerful message of living with PTSD. He spoke of how administrators and faculty must provide support for returning veterans as they transition back to the civilian world. He provided attendees with handouts on how to recognize symptoms along with a wealth of knowledge on treatments. He spoke of the need for the University to provide the resources for returning veterans to be successful in the classroom and about their involvement in campus activities. He also spoke to how the university could tap into the experiences of returning veterans and how that would enhance the classroom learning for other students.

Mr. Orban is a powerful speaker who has a passion for this topic and a desire to share his knowledge of this disorder. I highly recommend him.

Tom Caywood, Ph. D.

Professor and Chairman, Criminal Justice Department, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Mr. Orban is a compassionate and well-educated man who turns his own COMBAT experiences into a fresh and hopeful perspective for anyone struggling with PTSD. His message is a message of hope for a hurting world.

This information is going to particularly helpful as clinicians, advisors, parents, and students reconnect with young men and women who have been away at war. By being educated about PTSD we can all be a part of the solution, rather than a part of perpetuating the problem.

I recommend Mr. Michael Orban, without reservation, to continue sharing this information with anyone WHO is willing to hear it.

Michelle A. Downey, MA, CSAC

Psychology Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Washington County

Mike’s book and experiences lend themselves well to the complex issues that business leaders face in global growth and cross-cultural understanding, respect, and team-work. With so many youth facing experiences in the military or other global enterprises, Mike’s age and wisdom are very beneficial, and his style of delivery and response is very conducive to class participation.

Philip J. Hway

Adjunct Professor and Harvard University ‘68 and MBA ’70 graduate

From Veteran Community

One of most challenging presentations are those attempting to educate as well as share one’s personal story. Michael Orban’s presentation is quite simply one of the most compelling, thoughtful, and impactful I have ever attended. I have now seen his presentation several times and it never loses these qualities. As the number of veterans with cognitive and mental health issues increase, so too does the need for understanding the unique journey many of these veterans have been on. A failure to understand this journey is a failure as a community and as citizens of this country.

I can attest that his presentation has changed the way I think about veterans and I know it has had an equal impact upon those attending his presentations. Dr. Jeff Garbelman

Wisconsin Department of Correctional Crisis Intervention Partner Trainer, Milwaukee VA Medical Center, C&P Examiner and Police Psychological Consultant

Mike Orban speaks from the heart.  He has a passion for helping veterans to live quality lives and maintain recovery following the consequences of combat. He brings the Common Reactions of Trauma to life through his story and shares what can help to foster the wellness of the men and women who have served.

Margaret Olson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Milwaukee Vet Center

While the underlying subject of his book is PTSD, it is far from a depressing litany of suffering. While he pulls no punches in describing his decades of alcohol abuse, dysfunction in almost every endeavor and heartbreakingly failed relationships, the journey described is one of joyful discovery and ultimate peace at the deepest level.

By sharing his life with us Michael Orban has given us a gift. I invite all my combat veteran friends to read this wonderful book. We learn, we heal and we live by sharing our stories. Thank you brother Michael.

Fmr Sgt. Christopher Gaynor

Republic of Viet Nam class of ‘68

I invited Mike Orban to speak to our group on December 17th, 2010. He was able to describe his own experience as a Vietnam Veteran, returning to a world he could not understand and adapt to. His message was powerful and relevant for the young Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and offered a path of hope and recovery. I am deeply appreciative of his insights and willingness to share the pain and joys of his return home.

Michael McBride, MD

Staff Psychiatrist, Zablocki VA Medical Center

I had Michael come and speak to a group returning veteran’s at Domiciliary 43 Michael captivated the group with his gentle/mild way of putting tough topics into a tangible way which the veteran’s in the group could relate to. In addition I have had Michael meet with some of my returning veterans from Iraq and from Vietnam in which has been helpful in helping these veterans move their lives forward.

David Robinson, MSW, LCSW

Primary Therapist, Department of Veterans Affairs, Milwaukee, WI

Mike Orban has a gift for explaining complex emotional topics into concepts that are original, imaginative, logical, and easy to comprehend. The speaking presentations will leave you with a different perspective and better understanding of how soldiers deal with returning from war from a man that has lived it.

Will Parzyszek

US ARMY, Purple Heart Medal, Iraq